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About Us

About Us

Excelerate Consulting-Our Story

For nearly 15 years, both as a lead on organizational development projects and as a senior change consultant, I have been engaged in large-scale process, system, technology, and culture transformations. I have lived successes as well as failures. In all failed projects, I see a couple of common themes. These include the complexity of change methodology, a myriad of irrelevant change activities, and a lack of change leadership. 

We established and have grown Excelerate Consulting with an aim to break through the fog and clutter around change management. Our customized change plans are laser-focused on business needs and consistently increase the change success rate by 50% -60% in the project’s first phase. 

At Excelerate, We help corporates and businesses in:

Who We Serve

Case Studies

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Culture Transformation Initiative

We helped a global mining company in cultural transformation efforts for multi-jurisdictional employees and operations.

Technology Platform In A Public Sector Environment

We provided change management support to an extensive system transformation for a public sector client, impacting thousands of employees and the wider community.

Implementing A National Communication And Engagement Plan

We led highly effective change communications, regional offices engagement, and end-users increased adoption for a new technology transformation platform.

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HR Transformation System Training

We led the learning and training for a new call center cohort in leading change management for an HR Transformation project.

Organization Restrcutre

We led the organization design and employee transition – including unionized staff – from one of the ministries to become a self-governing college.

Use Social Media Platforms In Change Communication

We have helped organizations use social media tools to create a more inclusive and supportive work environment resulting in wider engagement and adoption. 

Our Clients

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